I'm sorry, you're too late...

Free access to this short book was available until 31.12.2023 and is now history, gone, pulled, a "thing of the past"...

However there are still a few ways to get "on the inside"... see below

Option 1: 97 paid inclusion. This is a one-off payment. Please contact me at peter@90dayspanishspeaker.com for details.

Option 2: Purchase one of my other products (coming soon).

There is one other option, too - which is still free.

Get it through a personal email invite from me. Here is how it works.

Signup to the private invite waiting list below. I'll manually review your request. If you're accepted, I'll email you a special link to my book for free.

This would be a personal invite from me - and would not cost you anything.


Put down your name and email and you'll receive 7 day email masterclass and to receive the book reply to the first (welcome) email of that masterclass answering 3 questions:

  1. Why do you wanna speak Spanish?
  2. Why now?
  3. Why not just remain on the level you're now?

I’ll consider answers personally.

Sorry for all the hoops - but it’s the only way for me to pre-qualify people that are serious about speaking Spanish fast.

I’m not interested in having people in my insiders club that aren't action takers - and are lazy asses. What I'm writing about inside the book works better than anything I've tried, but it's not magic there's still effort involved.

Apart from that, it's full of personal sensitive info (with a case-study inside) and the stuff I'm writing there isn't making me any friends in language learning industry.

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