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For many expats in Barcelona, Learning Spanish can be tough…
From cultural aspects like inconsistent language exposure, mix of Catalan & Spanish, locals switching to English or pure cultural isolation...

To Spanish itself, like declension charts of verb conjugations, pronunciation, irregular verbs, word order, tenses, moods, and irregularities, subjunctive and noun genders which often lack clear pattern. Then Ser vs Estar, Por vs. Para, false cognates, diminutives and object pronouns. The list goes of things why so many expats struggle goes on… But, there are many tools that multi-lingual polyglots use to learn conversational Spanish in 90 days.

We researched many successful multi-linguals and found that while it might be true that their tools vary there is one common strategy that virtually all of them use to learn a new language fast. From Kauffman, Lampariello to O.Richards & B. Lewis
Virtually all polyglots have one thing in common… they use one strategy to learn conversational Spanish (or other languages) in 90 days…

That’s why we created…A new short guide on the One Strategy that virtually all polyglots use, to speak a new language, f.e. conversational Spanish in 90 days or less, without the never-ending grammar drills or 100 000 Spanish grammar-rules memorisations.

This one strategy helped me to acquire conversational Spanish in 90 days and complete fluency few months after. More importantly this strategy never fails… It helped me to learn 7 other languages…It helped Zuzana, an expat sales rep. living in Ibiza to acquire Spanish in 90 days… See her case study inside.

And many others to learn a new language in 3 months
You can use this strategy to become fully conversational Spanish speaker in 90 days and to never feel like the 5th wheel or be completely excluded from Spanish-speaking circles again…


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The Characters

  • Marcus is a man with a single, modest goal in life: to be remarkably, lavishly, and scandalously rich. There's just one small problem... how do you make money when you're being pursued by the local mob, the city guards, and a jilted fiancée?
  • Eleanor is a woman who hates the term jilted. Or scorned. Or rejected. As far as Eleanor is concerned, a promise is a promise, and she intends to collect on hers with interest!
  • Yuriy runs a family-owned business with a wide range of income streams: gambling, "protection", bribery, blackmail, violence, and a little light relocation of pre-owned property. But Yuriy will do anything for his only daughter... and if she wants a wedding, that's exactly what she'll get.
  • Captain Henry de Sauveterre is looking forward what seems like inevitable promotion. After years of meticulous police work, he's convinced he's finally found a surefire way to put away the city's leading crime boss. All he needs to do now is find his daughter and stop a wedding.

The Plot

  • They say crime doesn't pay. Well, it seems no one told Yuriy, the city's most infamous crime boss, who has promised to fund his only daughter's wedding to the tune of a hundred thousand gold crowns.
  • They say money can't buy you everything. Which Yuriy is starting to suspect contains a grain of truth. Money, it seems, can't buy a suitable groom. Which is kind of an essential element for any wedding.
  • They say violence never solved anything. Now this one is just plain incorrect. Yuriy never met a problem that couldn't be solved with a blunt object and some encouraging words.
  • A heartwarming story about family, love, commitment, and (un)organized crime.

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