47 pages, 3 steps, and 1 strategy that virtually all famous polyglots use to learn a new language. Fast.

  • Why many expats pass even B2 exam, but still can’t speak Spanish
  • Which scientific research helped me to acquire conversational Spanish in 3 months
  • What illiterate people can teach us about language acquisition
  • Why you should never memorize words in lists of categories
  • Why trillion dollar industry of grammar-pushing corporations downplays scientific evidence & research
  • How to learn like polyglots who mimic babies
  • Why memorizing grammar rules is pointless and hinders progress
  • How to get correct input for the brain to identify grammar patterns
  • How many hours per week to become fully conversational in Spanish in 90 days
  • Why overcorrecting can hinder your progress
  • How rapid Spanish language acquisition really works
  • How Native Spanish Teachers teach in the opposite way to how they learned Spanish as kids and HOW TO AVOID THAT
  • Why moving to Spain doesn’t guarantee you’ll pick up Spanish
  • How to collapse time and acquire more Spanish in 90 days than some have in 9 years
  • Why you don’t need talent
  • Why you don’t have to be young to acquire Conversational Spanish in 90 days
  • How adults can learn faster than kids



For many expats in Barcelona learning Spanish can be hard

From cultural aspects: like inconsistent language exposure due to mix of Catalan & Spanish, locals switching to English or pure cultural isolation.

To Spanish itself: like declension charts, verb conjugations, pronunciation, word order, tenses, moods, irregularities, subjunctive and noun genders which often lack clear pattern.

Then: Ser vs Estar, Por vs. Para, false cognates, diminutives and object pronouns.

The list of the things why so many expats struggle just goes on…

But how come that many polyglots seem to master these things in relatively short time.

Very often these multi-linguals use slightly different tools to learn new languages to a conversational level in as little as 3 months.

We researched many of them and found that while it might be true that their tools might vary... there is one common strategy that virtually all of the polygots use to learn a new language fast.

From S. Kauffman, L. Lampariello & O. Richards to L. Machova or L. Botes

Virtually all polyglots have one thing in common: they use one strategy to learn a conversational level of a new language (like Spanish f.e.) in 3 months…

That’s why we created…

A new short guide on how to learn Spanish in 90 days, and how to do it without the never-ending grammar drills or 100 000 Spanish grammar-rules memorisations.

This one strategy helped me to acquire conversational Spanish in 90 days and flowing fluency some months after.

More importantly this strategy never fails…

It helped me to learn 7 other languages…

It helped Zuzana, an expat sales rep. living in Ibiza to acquire fully conversational Spanish in 90 days

(See her case study inside.)

And many others to learn a new language in 3 months.

In fact, this strategy helped even YOU to learn your native language. 


You can use this strategy to become fully conversational Spanish speaker in 90 days, and to never feel again like the 5th wheel or never again be excluded from Spanish-speaking circles...

It’s not Duolingo
It’s not Rosetta Stone
It’s not Flashcards
It’s not improving your memory and then memorising verbs, words or 100 000 g. rules
It’s not learn while you sleep
It’s not watching Spanish grammar explanations on YouTube 

In fact, this is so counter-intuitive that even many well-meaning native Spanish teachers go against it (unknowingly) and end up teaching their students completely contrary way to how they themselves learned Spanish as kids.

This one strategy works regardless of your “talent” and this might come as a surprise, but also regardless of your age.

And it also goes completely contrary to what 99% of the world & traditional methods propose, but we also know that 99% of the students in traditional classes don't end up speaking the target language to any degree of fluency.

Get it here.

From Clueless barman to a polyglot

Inside you'll find how a research in language acquisition from an American linguist helped me to go from a clueless barman who always struggled with languages to becoming a polyglot and it all started for me in Spain. 

INSIDE, Zuzana's case study: From "Hola" to speaking spanish with flow in 90 days

Zuzana, a sales rep. in Ibiza struggled to speak Spanish and fit in. She didn't like to start conversations with Spaniards, in fact she avoided any real life interactions in Spanish. See her story and progress inside.

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